Welcome to Roanoke Trade's ATA Carnet application system: CarnetsOnline™!

Apply for your ATA Carnet, request your ATA Carnet bond, and even request ATA Carnet Cargo Insurance in a one single application. Roanoke's automated system manages more ATA Carnets than any other in the nation; and we were the first official Service Provider appointed by the United States Council for International Business serving your ATA Carnet needs for over 35 years.

In addition to obtaining your ATA Carnet, Roanoke Trade also offers the following ATA Carnet products

  • ATA Carnet Cargo Insurance: vital coverage for physical loss or damage to the goods being shipped on the ATA Carnet, and duty

    re-imbursement in the event a claim arises out of the loss or damage of the goods.

  • ATA Carnet Lost Document Coverage: covers costly fees associated with losing an ATA Carnet in a foreign country.
  • Contact us: Carnets@RoanokeGroup.com or 1.800.CARNETS (1-800-227-6387).

Due to severe weather across the U.S. there may cause delays in receiving your ATA Carnet. Both UPS and Fed Ex are experiencing delays in picking up and delivering to certain cities. We will continue to do our best to provide you with your ATA Carnet in a timely manner.