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  Roanoke Trade has been serving the international trade community since 1935. Contact us today and experience dedicated teamwork
at every level to help you succeed.
  Roanoke's Virtual "Carnet Command Center"
  Apply for your Carnet, request your bond, and even request carnet cargo insurance in a single location. Roanoke's automated system manages more Carnets than any other in the nation; and we've been an official Service Provider appointed by the United States Council for International Business to issue Carnets for nearly 35 years.
  U.S. Foreign Trade Regulation changes are in place effective April 5th. Do you qualify for exemption from new AES/EEI filing requirements? Contact your Carnet Service Representative, call 1-800-CARNETS, or click here to learn more
  ATA Carnet Alerts
  • RUSSIA/CRIMEA: Due to the recent situation in Crimea ATA Carnet privileges are currently suspended for entry into Crimea. Our understanding is that ATA Carnets are welcome everywhere else in Ukraine. For further details please contact your ATA Carnet Service Team at 1.800.Carnets (1.800.227.6387).
  • ISRAEL/DIAMONDS: Effective January 15, 2015 all hand-carried diamonds on ATA Carnet entering Israel will be required to fulfill new entry procedures with Israeli Customs. For complete details on this new rule please click here or call your ATA Carnet Service Team at 1.800.Carnets (1.800.227.6387).

  Don't get burned! Lost Document Insurance and marine insurance are available for your Carnets. Select "Accept" in the final page of the application process for either of these services.
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